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As a responsible fashion brand, we believe in promoting sustainable practices and minimizing waste. We understand that not all occasions require a new outfit, which is why we offer rental options for some of our items. This allows our garments to be used effectively and minimizes the environmental impact of excessive production and consumption.


We are committed to providing quality garments that can be utilized multiple times, whether through rental or personal ownership. By choosing to rent our items, you are making a sustainable choice that supports our mission to reduce waste and promote responsible consumption.


Thank you for considering our rental options and joining us in our commitment to sustainable fashion.



Items available for rental are available for 6 days of rent. Let us know which item and when you wish to receive it via our contact formular, Instagram or

If an item is available for rent, it will be displayed on its respective product page.


Please be aware that the items may have small traces of wear, as we believe in promoting sustainable fashion by giving our garments a second life through rental.


It is possible to see and try the items at our studio before renting. We will guide you according to sizes, however, the rental fee won’t be returned in case the item does not fit.



Payment is divided into two installments: a 50% reservation fee that confirms the booking and the final 50% once the item is shipped or picked up. If the renter cancels a rental, the reservation fee is non-refundable.


Shipping is not included in the rental price. Pick-up is available at our studio in Aarhus.


Once you receive your item, your 6 days of rent begins and we kindly ask that you handle the garment with care and consideration for its sustainable life cycle.



Within your 6 days of rent, please return the item no later than day 6 of your rental period, unless otherwise agreed upon. A fee of 100 DKK will be charged per day that the item is not shipped or returned (the fee stops if the full valuation price is reached).



You do not have to worry about washing or cleaning before returning your rented item, as we utilize sustainable cleaning methods to maintain our garments.



If the item is damaged during the rental period (rips, holes, and stains that cannot be dry cleaned), the renter may be charged for the expenses of repair. If the item is totally damaged and cannot be salvaged, the renter will be charged a fee of 50% of the valuation price. If the item is lost, the renter will be charged the full valuation price.