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At Mette Bjerg Studio we strive to incorporate as many sustainable actions as possible. It is important because we are responsible to comply with the UN's global goals quick and in the best possible way. We know that sustainable initiatives can always be improved, which is why we work with a transparent approach as much as possible.



The sustainable initiatives are already incorporated while sketching, where digital sketches are made and ideas are developed with residual materials to minimize and reduce the amount of waste. With inspiration from the Danish nature, Mette Bjerg creates timeless designs, which are made in durable and carefully selected, comfortable, easily recyclable and as far as possible clean textiles (for example 100% organic cotton). Our textile suppliers are primarily European in order to keep environmental transport costs down, while we support locally and use leftover fabrics, which is why you can now and then buy completely unique styles that cannot be recreated.



All designs are one-size-fits-all and adjustable, which allows you to customize the clothes exactly as desired. Our designs build on the previous collections to develop a world of styles that can be worn year after year, together and separately, styled and reused to express individuality.



Mette Bjerg Studio is a made-to-order brand, where all designs are developed, constructed and sewn in our design studio in the heart of Aarhus. This means that everything except the textile production takes place under the same roof, where we do not create clothes unnecessarily and thereby avoid overproducing. We believe that it will always be more sustainable to create as little as possible with environmentally friendly production in-house, rather than transporting large batches home from countries outside the EU. Therefore, our designs are made in a very limited number, where we can cultivate the craft and create quality-conscious styles.



All decisions are made in the spirit of reusability, which is why our trim, shipping boxes, etc. are always made from recycled materials and with as little packaging as possible.



Mette Bjerg Studio wants to give the opportunity to buy clothes with a clear conscience, which requires our customers to be armed with patience, where the craftsmanship, time-consuming and good design will be appreciated, used and loved for many years. If you have any questions about our design process, production and sustainability profile, you are always very welcome to contact us at